Basic Tutorials

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Write a Java Program
  3. Learn Java Operators
  4. Java Literals
  5. Java Data Types
  6. Create Class and Object in Java
  7. Java Constructor
  8. Java Control Statement
  9. Access Control in Java
  10. Java Inheritance Example
  11. Java Method Overloading Example
  12. Java Method Overriding Example
  13. Java Package Example
  14. Java Interface Example
  15. Java Abstract Class
  16. Java Composition Example
  17. Exception Handling in Java
  18. Create Custom Exception Class in Java
  19. Chained Exception in Java
  20. Static Method in Java
  21. Use of final Keyword in Java

Java Collection Tutorial

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Java Collection Interface
  3. Java Set Interface
  4. Java HashSet Class
  5. Java TreeSet Class
  6. Java LinkedHashSet Class
  7. Java NavigableSet Interface
  8. Java SortedSet Interface
  9. Java Queue Interface
  10. Java Deque Interface
  11. Java List Interface
  12. Java ArrayList Class
  13. Java LinkedList Class
  14. Java HashMap Class
  15. How HashMap Works Internally in Java
  16. Java LinkedList vs ArrayList Class
  17. Java Comparable Interface
  18. Use Comparator For Custom Sorting
  19. Difference Between Comparator and Comparable Interface

Java File Handling

  1. Table of Contents
  2. What is Stream in Java
  3. Java Byte Stream Classes
  4. Java InputStream Class
  5. Java OutputStream Class
  6. Java FileInputStream Class
  7. Java FileOutputStream Class
  8. Java ByteArrayInputStream Class
  9. Java Character Stream Classes
  10. Java Reader Class
  11. Java Writer Class
  12. Java FileReader Class
  13. Java FileWriter Class

Thread Handling in Java

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Create Thread in Java
  3. Create Multiple Thread in Java
  4. Java Thread Lifecycle
  5. Thread Priority in Java
  6. Daemon Thread in Java
  7. Thread Synchronization in Java
  8. Difference Between Synchronized Block and Method in Java
  9. Java Interthread Communiction
  10. Java Thread join(), isAlive() Method
  11. Use of Volatile Variable in Java
  12. Object Level Locking and Class Level Locking in Java
  13. Difference Between wait(), sleep() and yield() in Java
  14. How to Create Immutable Class in Java
  15. Java Concurrent API
  16. Semaphore in Java
  17. Java CountdownLatch Class
  18. Java CyclicBarrier Class
  19. Java Exchanger in Java
  20. The Java Phaser Class
  21. Java Executor Interface
  22. Java Concurrent Collection
  23. Java BlockingQueue Interface
  24. Java Concurrent Map
  25. Java ConcurrentNavigableMap Concurrent Collection
  26. Java Fork/Join Framework
  27. The Lock object in Java
  28. Java AtomicInteger Class

Cassandra Tutorials

  1. What is Cassandra
  2. What is CAP Theorem
  3. Cassandra Architectur
  4. Data Consistency in Cassandra
  5. Data Read in Cassandra
  6. How Is Data Written in Cassandra?
  7. How Data is Updated in Cassandra?
  8. Primary Key, Partition Key and Clustering Key in Cassandra
  9. Composite Partition Key in Cassandra
  10. Cassandra CQL Introduction
  11. Create Keyspace in CQL
  12. Create Table in CQL
  13. Counter Table in Cassandra
  14. Using Collection in Cassandra
  15. User Defined Type in Cassandra
  16. Transaction in Cassandra